Career Profile

Recently rails developer at The Product Engine. 6+ years experience specializing in backend and web development. Super nerd who loves vim, Linux and OS X and enjoys to customize all of development environment. Passionate about pair programming and knowledge sharing. Interested in devising a better problem solving method for challenging tasks, and learning new technologies and tools if the need arises.


Product Engine / Comcast ( contractor )

January 2017 - Present
Odessa, Ukraine

Helped with Broadvoice on VoIP service and moved to Comcast ROI Team. Worked on OIV projects as Rails developer and havelly used Vue js framework to manage complex form settings for monitoring chart UI. Builded warden based authentication gem for different. Accomplished different tasks for in-browser optimizations and code refactoring. Joined to 25/7 OIV Support team - communicated with product clients and assist on critical situations. Conducted technical interviews for new team members. Moved to new project Re-Search as Team leader were responsible for feature delivery and servers stability.

Logical Groove

January 2015 - August 2017
Odessa, Ukraine

In this outsourcing, it was possible to work on projects and almost all of them started their live in production. Over the years, many problems had to be solved. In one of the projects I created a parser with a special language based on Selenium, as it turned out the frameworks for testing. There I got good practice of code reviews and pair programming. There were several projects on Spree, I had to study this system in depth to write extensions for admin and front-end templates. Worked with the AngularJS project in conjunction with the rails, learned basics of react and redux.

Garin Studio

August 2014 - Dec 2015
Odessa, Ukraine

Worked on a couple of projects. For one of them created a backend for mobile devices. It requires to go deep into mongodb, learn algorithms supported by the database, mapreduce to generate statistics and charts. Pushed leadership to write tests for projects.

Noname company

August 2012 - Dec 2012
Odessa, Ukraine

Studied for a month and another one spent on probation for free in the company of freelancers finally received the first paid work;). Performed simple HTML and styles fixes, create simpled rails pages, edit JS. Thanks to Gods there were lot of that kind of task and I had a chance to learn.

Skills & Proficiency

Ruby on Rails

Javascript & jQuery

Database (SQL, MongoDB)